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Innerpeace Conference: Waking Up in Modern Society With Jose Antonio Manchado

6 octubre, 2018 | 09:00 - 10:30 UTC+0

Waking Up in Modern Society

With Jose Antonio Manchado

Date: Saturday October 6th 2018

Time: 9am

location: Amstelkerk Amstelveld 10, 1017 JD Amsterdam

How to be an inspiration for others

How to wake up to your own true Self in spite of society’s programming and distractions. Jose Antonio Manchado will provide simple tools and conscious practices to be at peace and present. Discover the healing power of consciousness!

Have you ever felt a deep wish to go out in nature to finally experience some peace and quietness? That daily life got so busy, you wanted to escape for a moment and attend a yoga retreat to unwind?

In order to wake up to our true nature, we don’t have to move away from the things or people that apparently distract us from ‘finding peace’. On the contrary. We can experience all these beautiful distractions as little mirrors. Mirrors that show us in which way we are still identified with what we are not. The moment we take ourselves and the identifications with the role of being a parent/colleague/partner less serious, we’ll discover something way more peaceful and permanent than all those movements in daily life. Once we put consciousness to what we consider difficult or challenging in our lives, healing starts to happen. Seen with pure consciousness, there is no drama. Only movement.

Jose Antonio Manchado will, with a big smile, share with you simple yet powerful tools in order to wake up in the middle of daily life. He felt a huge shift practicing these tools in the middle of a very challenging period of his life. As such he’s very passionate to share tools to drop the drama and experience pure freedom without conditions (or: despite the circumstances).

So here is the good news: no need to escape to the Himalayas! Use these simple tools every day and you might notice a huge shift happening in the way you perceive life. You don’t have to believe anything, just experiment and try these practices for yourself. And as you experience more freedom, step by step, your friends might ask you: you’ve changed, what did you do? And so, you become an inspiration for others!



6 octubre, 2018
09:00 - 10:30 UTC+0
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Amstelveld 10
Amsterdam, Paises Bajos 1017 JD
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