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Conscious Therapist Course in Amsterdam

25 enero, 2019 | 20:00 - 27 enero, 2019 | 21:00 UTC+0

Conscious Therapist Course

In addition to the many Rigpa Energetic Healing events, Group Healings, Fear Liberation workshops and harmonization concerts in Amsterdam, Jose Antonio Manchado invites you to this mindblowing course: Conscious Therapist Course. See reviews of one of these courses on Lanzarote in the video posted on this event page:

Together with Jezabel Suarez, Jose Antonio will share incredible tools to heal and live from our hearts. A course which has changed many professional and personal lives in so many ways. From fear to –> freedom!

This course is for anyone, from health care workers to people who are simply interested in living life from their heart, using the mind as a tool but not as a guide.

You can book via

What is a Conscious Therapist?

Conscious Therapist Course is a trampoline to start to live from the heart space.
Living in your heart, the same space which is occupied by love, you will feel that the tools of well-being you use with yourself or others will be more powerful.

Conscious Therapist Course is not a training that enables you to help heal others only through the mind. A conscious therapist is someone who lives in their heart and uses their mind to understand and give solution to the occurrence of life. The mind is only a support tool.

A conscious therapist is someone who helps to heal others realizing that at first, this meeting is an opportunity for their own healing.

A conscious therapist is someone who has as a priority: Be happy in this life.

Knowing to see their own shadow and shedding light, then looking with the eyes of love, this course can help you to make a giant leap to the next level in how to help others and yourself to heal or prevent diseases or discomfort.

For whom is this course?

To anyone who wants to evolve themselves, anyone who is willing to listen to the language of the heart and to live in accordance with it.

Recommended for professionals in healthcare and for therapists in alternative or complementary therapies accompanying others on their healing processes.

Contents of the Conscious Therapist 1 course

This course lasts 20 hours, condensed in one weekend.

Fall into the body and mind:
• Overview of body systems
• Organs and evolution of mental structures – limbic system and neocortex
• Emotions, feelings and emotional response patterns
• Biological and evolutionary significance of emotions – how to understand them
• Application of emotional management strategies
• What do I do with what I’m feeling? Regulate the anger, fear, resentment…
• Connect with the physical symptoms
• Self-esteem: Work with the therapeutic tool of the inner child
• Relationship management: consistency in communication and assertiveness

Fall into your heart:
• How to develop intuition and take it as a guide
• How to get the best out of you and others
• How to connect with healing frequencies
• True healing
• How to help heal the mind
• Healing from the heart without manuals
• The healed healer
• Helping others to connect with the state of permanent joy
• How to live in total coherence
• Emotional release
• Tibetan healing psychology
• Conscious nutrition
• Devaluation and its toxic effects
• Changing your life through conscious and healing questions
• Practices of fear liberation
• How to conduct meditations
• Healing meditations and practical cases

About the Teachers

Jose Antonio Manchado
• Lanzarote, Spain: 1976
• Author of the book: “Be Happier then the Dalai Lama”
• Personal improvement expert, trainer and lecturer
• Certified Firewalking Instructor by Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, Dallas, USA.
• Master of Ancestral Tibetan Bowl therapy
• Master of Modern Bowl therapy
• Master of Gong therapy
• Master of Reiki Usui
• Master of Reiki Rigpa Energetic Healing
• Since 1998 he has been in constant study and learning through several Teachers (Monks, Tibetan Buddhist Lamas and Zen Lamas) in the fields of meditation, healing, sound therapy, energetic and vibrational therapies
• In the year 2001 he is initiated in the Vajrayana Buddhism ( Tibetan Buddhist taken refuge) with the name of Karma Dorje Jikmé

Jezabel Suárez
• Lanzarote, Spain: 1982
• Onco-hematologic Nurse
• Therapist of Rigpa Energetic Healing
• Master of Reiki Usui
• Trainer in workshops on self-esteem and inner connection: Heal your Life, created by Louise Hay
• Certified coach in the model of personal transformation: Heal your life, created by Louise Hay
• Expert in emotional Intelligence by UNIR


25 enero, 2019 | 20:00 UTC+0
27 enero, 2019 | 21:00 UTC+0
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